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Two Marketing Strategies Per Day Keeps Traffic Coming Your Way

We have a few content tips and marketing strategies to share with you. From effective business ideas to clever content ideas, peruse our posts for topics that are relevant to your situation and needs.

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Ten Content Writing Best Practices

Let’s take a look at ten content writing best practices that are simple and straightforward, but very important. Content writing is a powerful and effective marketing tool for all businesses and industries. It’s a way to build your brand, share your expertise, build trust and increase
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Church Marketing- Invest in Retargeting?

A couple of us met with members of a small web team from a community church the other day to discuss church marketing, content creation, and SEO strategies.  Through our conversation, we discovered that one of the church members had already met with someone from another company who’d
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Are Duplicate Title Tags Now Obsolete to Google’s Algorithm?

There seems to be confusion surrounding Barry Schwartz’s post, “Google: Duplicate Titles Is Not A Panda Search Quality Issue” which was written February 13, 2015 and based on a Hangout interview with John Mueller that morning. Are duplicate title tags now obsolete to Google’s algorith
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Social Media Marketing Statistics 2015 – Spending Up

There is so much content to digest these days that yours could get lost in the noise.  What should your strategy be in 2015? It should include social media.  You can build a great site and support it with thorough blog posts and entertaining videos, but if you’re not engaging with cus
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How to Create a Successful B2B Social Media Strategy

For many businesses, the main emphasis of their social media strategy is to connect with potential customers. The content, images and links they share are aimed at appealing to this type of audience. But once you’ve maximized these efforts, there’s another important aspect of social m
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Why Some Marketers Say Written Content Trumps Visual

Both words and visuals tell a story, invoke feeling, and deliver a message to the viewer. When marketing in the age of social media images and videos become the platform to share the company’s message or ideas to a wide, and diverse audience.  It can be the case when choosing a market
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What Do Writers Charge for Writing Product Descriptions?

Quite literally, your product descriptions have the power to make or break a sale. Think about everything you consider when purchasing something online. You likely judge the product based upon its image and description. This is why, in addition to professional-looking photos, you must
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How Often Should a Company Publish Blog Posts?

A blog can feel like a hungry monster, always demanding more and more content to gobble up and spit out. Yes, it’s needy, but the results that a well-tended to blog can produce for your brand and business are absolutely worth it. So, how often should a company publish blog posts?  Sho
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Budget for Videos in 2015

Budget Now for Video Production Next Year Consider the impact of video optimization on your overall content efforts and search results. Besides creating in-depth articles, video optimization makes the list of top levers to pull to help increase website traffic. We like to think of vid
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What are the Best Days to Post to Different Pinterest Boards?

One might think that the most popular categories on Pinterest dominate views every single day of the week. However, a recent blog published by Pinterest shows that this simply isn’t true. In fact, the most popular categories change each day of the week! Our moods, goals and priorities
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