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Two Marketing Strategies Per Day Keeps Traffic Coming Your Way

We have a few content tips and marketing strategies to share with you. From effective business ideas to clever content ideas, peruse our posts for topics that are relevant to your situation and needs.

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How to Fuel Your Blog with Powerful Content

Fueling a blog can sometimes feel like feeding a hungry monster that never gets full. You must constantly be thinking about the next great topic and how to make each and every post stand out from the hundreds of others you may have already written. This is no easy task, but luckily th
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How to Build an Integrated Twitter Strategy for Your Business

If you’ve given any thought to your business’s social media strategy, it’s likely you already know that Twitter is a powerful platform to quickly communicate your message to a vast network of people. But do you know what it takes to really harness its power and apply it to an in
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What is Google Pigeon and What Does it Mean for Local Search?

While many details surrounding Google’s latest algorithm update are still unknown, one thing is for certain. It is already reshaping the landscape of Google local search and is only beginning to demonstrate its full impact. Google has not yet officially named this update; however Sear
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Creating Professional Videos on an Amateur’s Budget

Video is a focus for many businesses this year.  At IRCE 2014 in Chicago, one of the questions asked was, “How can businesses produce cost-effective videos?”  Angie Seaman, E-Commerce Manager for Marbles: The Brain Store, shared insights from her company’s journey into video marketing
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Internet Retailing Trends Talked About at IRCE 2014 in Chicago

The Internet is still unsettled territory. Stake your claim, gold diggers. The online retail trends of 2014 still look promising. Recap of Kurt Peters’ 2014 IRCE Address At last week’s Internet Retailer event, Kurt Peters, editor in chief of Internet Retailer magazine, provided
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Seven Essential Social Media Practices

Marketers around the world are turning to social media to reach their clients.  One reason traditional media advertising such as TV is seeing a decline in spend is due to newer technologies including DVRs that eliminate commercial viewing time. In fact, according to a recent study by
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The Latest on the Panda 4.0 Update

The Latest on the Panda 4.0 Update As webmasters dive in to understanding why their rankings declined or improved starting May 20, 2014, CognitiveSEO’s June 2, 2014 post offered further analysis of Google’s Panda 4.0 update. Their post suggest that sites with specific, topical a
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May 2014 Google and Bing Algorithm Updates

When you search using a web site such as Google or Bing, the search engine uses an algorithm to generate the results presented to you. These algorithms are mathematical instructions that tell computers how to complete assigned tasks. The search engines continuously crawl web pages loo
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Before You Write, Know Your Keywords

Why are Keywords Important? You’re updating your website and have started into the process of determining which pages you need. This is the point where many forget to identify their keywords. Some designers create services, about us, and contact forms without considering what th
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Caution: Crashes Likely When Feeling the Need for Speed

With My Web Writers being based in central Indiana, it is this time of year again when our local media coverage turns attention to reporting on every angle of the Indianapolis 500. As time trials near for the Brickyard, the big question always is, “How fast did they go?” Will the pole
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