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Two Marketing Strategies Per Day Keeps Traffic Coming Your Way

We have a few content tips and marketing strategies to share with you. From effective business ideas to clever content ideas, peruse our posts for topics that are relevant to your situation and needs.

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What Do People See Driving By Your Web Garage?

Life is more interesting when you go off the beaten path. In our hurry up world, the rush causes us to miss a lot of things. It is rare when one finds the time to skip speeding cross-country through states via the Interstate system and instead chooses to use the older U.S. Highways sy
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Catch My Attention Quickly Within A Choir of Voices

David Shenk, in his book Data Smog, stated that the average American in 1971 encountered 560 advertising messages a day. By 1997, his estimates were that the number had increased to over 3,000 per day. Two decades later, with mobile smart phones, web surfing, social media, and digital
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Author Shares Collaborative Writing Strategies

Tips for Collaborative and Ghostwriting Success I was impressed with the organization and flow of Appointments with Heaven by Dr. Reggie Anderson and ghostwriter, Jennifer Schuchmann.  As you’ll recall from an earlier post, Ms. Schuchmann sent a copy of Appointments with Heaven to me
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Important Content Questions to Answer Before Writing

Content Questions to Answer Before starting copy on any project it is important to provide your writer with as much information about your company, the project, and your wants and needs. Working from afar doesn’t allow writers the opportunity for non-verbal feedback, so providing feed
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Responsive Design- My Web Writers Introduces New Website

Remembering the Ole My Web Writers Website Revamping your first website can cause you to reflect. Your old website is a Pontiac that took you places and introduced you to people and ventures.  You can’t help but remember the vinyl seats. In the history of the Internet, our first
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